What’s a personal brand?


‘Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room’ Jeff Bezos


The concept of branding has for a long time been associated with companies and products, but today the term branding applies to most of us in the world of work. Whether you’re aware or not, your ‘brand’ will be present at work – it’s all about how others perceive you and how you come across. The good news is that you’re in control of your personal brand, you can decide how you want to be perceived and you can behave and communicate in a way that perpetuates the ‘brand’ you’ve chosen.


What’s the use of a brand?

Creating, developing and maintaining your personal brand can help you build a reputation and can aid you in achieving your career goals. Understanding your brand can also help you to find the right career path for you – especially if you start with considering how to be authentic at work and then build this into your brand.

How to create a personal brand

1) Be authentic

Your brand reflects you, so don’t be afraid to come across as yourself. Of course you may want to show different parts of your brand in specific situations, but whatever scenario you’re in some of your characteristics, personality and traits will shine through. In order to create your brand, it’s helpful to think about yourself and what makes you who you are.

Think about your values – what are your values and how do these come across when you communicate with others? Consider your purpose – why is it you do what you do? Is this clear to others? And finally what are your personal strengths (your natural talents), and how do these come across to others?


2) Focus on communication 

Communication isn’t limited to speaking to others. We communicate when we write to others, by our tone of voice and interestingly even by what we don’t say verbally, but by what our body language says for us. In fact, it’s estimated that 55% of what we communicate to others is actually done so by using body language alone.

Are you communicating the brand you want to? Consider your verbal and written communication, your tone when communicating and your body language. Even what may seem like a small communication signal can speak volumes – just think about the impact a slight raised eyebrow or an automatic roll of the eyes can have in a meeting.

Your brand will help you to build a presence. The first step is to be clear about your brand, and then focus on how and when you’re communicating your brand, and how effectively you’re doing this.


3) Create an impact

Once you understand how you communicate, the next step is to consider how your message is perceived. You may intend your brand to be perceived in a certain way, but the true message isn’t the message you communicate, it’s the message received by the other person.

Of course, you can’t monitor exactly how someone perceives you every time you interact with them, but there are steps you can take to understand how others receive your message. The easiest and quickest way to do this is to gain feedback from those around you about how you come across and how they would describe you and your brand (feedback can be given in person or anonymously).

Once you understand how others perceive you, you can compare that information to how you intend to come across, and make adjustments where necessary. This process is part of maintaining and developing your personal brand.


The Kona branding model

Our branding model at Kona Coaching  takes you through everything you need to know about designing, maintaining and developing your personal brand.


Career Branding Kona Coaching Model


What’s the future of your brand?

As you focus on navigating your career path, start by writing your mission statement to guide you as the director or ‘Brand Me’. Start with writing your overall vision. What is it you want to achieve? What do you enjoy? What would you like to do more of? Then break your vision down into goals – how will you achieve what you want to? How will your brand help you to do this?

If you’re serious about developing your brand to elevate your career, join us at our of our personal branding workshops to learn more about how to create and enhance your personal brand to create career success – whatever success looks like for you.



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