‘The difference between surviving and thriving is mindset. Your mindset.’

How do some people always seem to keep bouncing forward, even in challenging situations? Why do some of us create success in whatever we do, whilst others get stuck in a rut? What is it that helps individuals thrive under pressure, whilst others feel stressed?

The simple answer is a resilient mindset. Or more accurately, your very own Resilience Edge™.

Often when we think of psychological wellbeing at work, our thoughts turn to dealing with challenges and coping effectively with obstacles; two areas that building personal resilience can most definitely impact. But that’s only half of the story. What if there was a way to turn those challenges into a catalyst to thrive at work, enhance performance and increase motivation?

Resilience outcomes

Well, that’s your ‘edge’. No matter where your resilience levels are right now, enhancing your resilience will have a positive impact. Boosting your personal resilience will not only help you to deal with challenges effectively and efficiently, but it will also help you master your mindset and use the obstacles you face as an excuse to enhance your performance and thrive at work.

It’s a sliding scale.

You may find that your resilience reserves are at an average level, and you may be coping just fine with the day to day demands of working life. But here’s the thing, resilience is measured on a sliding scale, and just increasing your levels by 10% may be the difference between average and high performance. Likewise, if you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed, your first steps will be learning how to deal with those challenges and enhance your psychological wellbeing, and that shift in the resilience scale may get you up to average resilience levels, a midway ‘break-even’ point.

Even if you’re performing at the top of your game right now, consider this: What is it that makes high performers consistently perform at their peak?

The answer is mastering their mindset for success, and that’s exactly what the Resilience Edge™  will teach you to do.

Resilience Edge

Resilience Advantage Model (overview)

Our Wellbeing Edge programmes explore the six pillars of the Resilience Edge™ framework, and are designed to focus on personal, team and organisational wellbeing.


In a working world that’s fast-paced, changeable and at times challenging, building personal resilience can be the difference between surviving and thriving. Coping with challenges quickly and effectively, and mastering your mindset to reframe obstacles will help you to create an advantage at work.

Resilience is a buffer for stress. Boosting your resilience has not only been proven to help reduce stress you may be experiencing right now, but over a long-term period, building your resilience makes it less likely that you’ll actually experience stress at all. So resilience helps to minimise stress, and buffers against the likelihood off experiencing stress in the future.

Research has shown high-performing professionals have one trait in common, and that’s resilience. They don’t just bounce back from adversity, they use the experience as a catalyst to learn and grow, to bounce forward and achieve more in their chosen field. Developing resilience can be the impetus that transforms performance from average to exceptional.

Through the use of diagnostic tools, we’ll help employees to discover where they are on the resilience scale for each of the six pillars. This exercise will help to build self-awareness and will enable employees to discover opportunities for development. Using an experiential learning approach, we’ll also help individuals to enhance their performance and create tangible and sustainable results.


A resilient team is a cohesive, high-performing and productive team. Understanding personal resilience and how you process information as an individual provides the opportunity to reflect on how this very personal mindset impacts behaviour, and in turn, interactions and relationships with others.

Embracing the resilience factors of perspective, adaptability and positivity is how highly effective teams learn to work so seamlessly together, on a collective mission to create results. As a team, developing confidence, mastery and stamina will improve quality of work and productivity, creating clear personal, team and business results.

Through interactive and intensive team facilitation sessions, we’ll help team members discover their resilience strengths, identify their challenges and plot a strategy that will create a personal and team ‘edge’. We’ll help to build a cohesive team, where the language of resilience and performance coaching is embedded in everyday working lives, creating a long-term and sustainable success story.


Undoubtedly for employees to thrive at work, they require organisational support and guidance. In order to create a high-performing, productive and engaged workforce, organisational culture, strategies, process and procedures will need to be constructed in a way that support the development of personal resilience.

Developing organisational culture to support the resilience pillar of stamina requires the implementation of a resilience strategy, support provided to enable employees to build personal psychological resilience, and an organisational structure built to enhance employee, team and organisational resilience overall.

We’ll work with the organisation to provide resources, guidance and support to enable the development of employee resilience. Together, we’ll define learning outcomes and create a Wellbeing Edge programme that fits for the unique organisational culture. We’ll also provide support in the form of ongoing learning materials, access to research, data and articles that will help you to create a long-term and sustainable wellbeing programme. Our programme will create measurable and tangible results for individuals, teams and the organisation.

Wellbeing Edge


We’re flexible in how we design the bespoke Wellbeing Edge programme, we’ll work with your objectives and requirements as an organisation. Many of our clients focus on psychological wellbeing, particularly as absence and sickness due to stress is such a huge phenomenon we’re experiencing in the workplace today. Similarly, many clients focus on resilience to create high-performing teams, and a thriving and engaged workforce. Whether you have few or many organisational outcome requirements, we’ll advise and work with you to create the right solution for your organisation.

Resilience Edge Outcomes

Your bespoke programme will be designed to suit specific organisational requirements.

We can create a programme that encompasses all elements of the Resilience Edge™ framework, or you may want to focus on one of the six pillars of resilience. Our programmes can be utilised as stand-alone interventions, or as part of a broader learning journey within the organisation.

In addition, our wellbeing experts are experienced in designing wellbeing programmes that cover additional areas of wellbeing, such as physical and nutritional wellbeing, which we can incorporate in a Wellbeing Edge programme.

Depending on requirements, we’ll utilise one or more of our design methodology specialities:


Utilising tried and tested methods to promote transfer of learning from the classroom to the workplace, with a focus on building and maintaining a state of wellbeing.


Delivered in a bite-sized, pragmatic and innovative manner to support learning on-the-go, offering a solution to sustainable and ongoing learning for individuals and teams.


Designed to align with unique organisational culture, creating a bespoke, relevant and novel way for individuals to reach learning objectives.


Designed to build a cohort of high performing and resilient individuals, delivered in a way that allows for differing learning styles and personality types.


Utilising expertise and drawing on experience of our expert mentors, in order to learn from those who have mastered a resilient mindset to achieve personal and organisational results.


Focusing on the transfer of knowledge from the classroom to real-life working environments, promoting the implementation of practical solutions for personal and team development.


Designed as the go-to resource hub, including curated materials such as videos, articles and research published by reputable sources. This design provides organisational, team and individual support in order to encourage sustainable and long-term behaviour change.


Supporting individuals to reach their potential and create their unique Wellbeing Edge strategy, by learning how to create personal and team success and enhance performance, whilst simultaneously building strategies to deal with obstacles and challenges in a business context.


Access to materials, tools and resources designed to support the bespoke Wellbeing Edge programme and enhance resilience development in the workplace.


Focusing on specific wellbeing topics, creating a pragmatic and long-term approach to enhancing performance and dealing with challenging situations effectively.

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