What does it take to be a successful leader?


Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a successful leader? Research has shown there are are some key attributes that are essential to master if you want to develop as a leader, including resilience, flexibility, exceptional communication skills, courage, humility, presence and responsibility.

Often leadership training will shine a light on where you want to develop as a leader, and will teach you the skills to become an outstanding leader. But sometimes you need a quick reference point to get you started.

If you’d like access to videos, TED Talks, books and articles to aid you on your journey to successful leadership, we’ve curated some of the best resources out there to get you started.

Download our ‘Successful Leaders Cheat Sheet’ by clicking on the image below. All the resource links are included in the PDF, so you just need to click on the images and you’ll be taken straight to the resource you’re interested in (no copy and pasting required here).

If you have any other resources you think would make a good addition to this list, please drop us a line using the contact box below. We’re always interested in resources that you find useful on your leadership journey.

If you’d like to discover how to enhance your leadership skills, check out our Leadership Edge training programme, which has been designed to teach you how to create your ‘edge’ as a successful and influential leader. Our Leadership Edge programme will help you overcome barriers to success, bounce forward and keep driving forward when you hit bumps in the road. You’ll learn how to increase leadership confidence and effectively deal with pressures that are often present when leading a team along side strategically planning how to achieve results for the business.

‘Management is doing things right; Leadership is doing the right things’, Peter F. Drucker

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