‘The number one predictor of sales success is not competence or skill, but mindset.’

How is it that some people seem to be hard-wired for success, and others falter at the smallest obstacles? Why do some sales and business development professionals bounce back quickly when they hit a wall, whilst others struggle to get back on track? What is it that creates high performers who consistently reach stretching targets?

There is one answer: resilience. Or more precisely a Resilience Edge™ mindset.

It goes without saying to create success in any profession, you need to display exceptional competence and skill. But why is it sales professionals consistently have access to training, coaching and mentoring designed to enhance their knowledge, skills and competence in the process of sales, and yet there is still something holding them back from reaching their potential? Competence and skills training is only the first step. Developing a success mindset is actually where the magic happens. This is where you start to see transformational results.

It’s all in the mind. Your mind.

Traditionally in a sales and business development environment, the focus has been on reaching targets, and in developed organisations, doing this in a way that demonstrates positive behaviours that are aligned with organisational values. The third and most advanced level of sales success is developing a resilience mindset to cope with the unique challenges faced by sales and business development professionals, creating a high performing culture.

Sales & Resilience

We utilise the Resilience Edge™ framework, a bespoke model developed by our expert psychologists at Kona Coaching. The model is underpinned by rigorous research and robust psychological methodology, delivered in a pragmatic manner to create sustainable and tangible results for the organisation, and the sales and business development professional. We take what can be complicated and meandering psychological research and methodology and distill key concepts into pragmatic and actionable programmes that can be accessed and applied by everyone to create results.

Resilience Advantage Model (overview)

Our Sales Edge programme builds on traditional sales process training and coaching, focusing on the psychology of sales, enhancing performance and creating success. Rather than sales training, we describe ourselves as expert performance psychologists who work with sales and business development teams to help to unlock sales success potential.

When developing high-performing and successful teams, there are five key steps that create a Sales Edge success formula.

Sales Edge training


The first step in developing your sales success mindset is gaining an understanding of the six pillars of the Resilience Edge™. This process will create an understanding of how and why these pillars are the critical factor in effectively dealing with unique challenges faced by sales and business development professionals, and in creating high-performing individuals and teams who consistently reach targets.


Through the use of diagnostic tools, we’ll help sales and business development professionals build self-awareness and identify cognitive limitations and biases that are holding them back from reaching their potential. This reflection process will enable sales and business development teams to identify the strengths and challenges they face, allowing them to highlight areas of development opportunity to enhance personal performance.


Using an experiential learning approach, we’ll help teams and individuals learn techniques to enhance their performance mindset in order to create tangible, sustainable and measurable results. Following the use of diagnostic tools, each individual will work on their own Sales Edge success strategy, developing their performance and success mindset.


The only way to make a psychological shift is practice. We’ll teach teams and individuals we work with the skills and knowledge they need to boost their personal resilience and create a performance mindset, keeping their focus on creating their success story. Through an experiential learning approach, we’ll provide opportunities to practice new techniques to challenge mindsets and develop a Sales Edge in order to achieve more. We’ll also support this mindset-shifting practice and development in the ‘real world’, creating a long-term and sustainable development solution.


Through intensive coaching with expert performance psychologists, we’ll help sales and business development professionals create a continuous improvement cycle in order to consistently enhance performance. This stage is critical to creating sustainable and long-term behaviour change, and the support and guidance of our coaches will enable teams and individuals to put their resilience skills into practice and learn from experiences in order to thrive in their roles.


Designing a Sales Edge programme for your sales and business development professionals is a collaborate and engaging process. Our experienced and expert psychologist practitioners will work with you to combine our Sales Edge knowledge gained from extensive experience, robust research and innovative frameworks with your unique organisational context and requirements. As part of this process, we’ll define learning and organisational objectives and we’ll agree delivery methods that will achieve sustainable results for the business, focusing on long-term behaviour change.

We’re flexible in how we deliver the Sales Edge programme. It’s all about results.

Our programmes are results-focused, so depending on the outcomes you want to see, organisational requirements and business culture, we’ll design a bespoke programme to create high performing sales and business development professionals that thrive within your unique organisational culture.

Our programmes can be utilised as stand-alone interventions, or as part of a broader learning journey within the organisation, the design will reflect your requirements as a business.

Depending on programme objectives, we’ll utilise one or more of our design methodology specialities:


Utilising tried and tested methods to promote transfer of learning from the classroom to the workplace, with a focus on creating measurable results.


Delivered in a bite-sized, concise manner to support learning on-the-go, offering a solution to sustainable and ongoing learning for sales and business development professionals.


Designed specifically for the audience and aligned with the unique organisational culture, creating bespoke and innovative design methodology.


Focused on building a cohort of high performing professionals, delivered in a way that allows for differing learning styles and personality types.


Drawing on expertise and utilising experience of our expert mentors in order to learn from high achievers in their field, and implement tried and tested performance improvement strategies.


Promoting the transfer of knowledge from the course to real-life sales environments, focusing on encouraging the implementation of practical solutions for business improvement.


Designed as the go-to resource hub for sales and business development professionals, including curated materials such as videos, articles and research published by reputable sources. This supports the ‘just-in-time’ new wave of transformational learning design methodology.


Supporting individuals to reach their performance potential and create their unique Sales Edge strategy by learning how to create sales success and enhance performance, whilst simultaneously building strategies to deal with obstacles and challenges.


Materials, tools and resources designed to support the bespoke programme and enhance learning back in the workplace.


Focusing on specific sales success topics, creating a pragmatic and long-term approach to performance improvement and sustainable behaviour change.

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