‘You can’t stop the waves crashing, but you can learn to surf.’

Resilience is the ability to thrive in life, even in challenging times. When you have a resilient mindset you’re able to cope with challenges and adapt to change. You’ll feel confident and positive no matter what situation you find yourself in. You’ll have the ability to view situations from different perspectives, and choose how you react to difficult situations in order to achieve the best outcome for you. You’ll feel in control, like a master of your own destiny and you’ll build a structure around you that helps you to flourish.

Creating your Resilience Edge™ will help you to take control of your success and happiness.

Resilience is the ability to adapt to change, to keep moving forward despite coming across challenges that could throw you off-course. Often resilience is described as adapting well in the face of adversity, and as developing a way to ‘bounce back’ from difficult situations. At Kona Coaching we’ve developed a model that helps you to ‘bounce forward’, not back to where you were.

What exactly is ‘bouncing forward’?

It means not only focusing on getting back on track when you’ve encountered a challenging situation, but using this challenging experience to help you move further ahead and achieve more.

Resilience is a way of thinking and a way of responding to circumstances around you. There are skills and techniques you can learn to become more resilient and to create success in all areas of your life. Research tells us increasing resilience can help to increase performance, enhance engagement and satisfaction at work, reduce stress, enhance wellbeing and boost immunity.

A common misconception is only those who are stressed benefit from becoming more resilient.

The truth is, most people will benefit from being more resilient. Resilience is about so much more than coping with challenging circumstances or ‘getting back on track’ (although it can certainly help in these situations). A resilient mindset is often the missing link in enhancing your performance and achieving more. Even if you’re currently performing at an acceptable level in any area of your life, being more resilient can help you to move from surviving to thriving.

Resilience outcomes

Maybe you’re not coping well with circumstances around you at work or in your personal life and you’d like to handle these situations better in order to feel happier and achieve more. Maybe your performance at work is currently satisfactory but you want to really flourish, feel energised and achieve big goals. Either way, being more resilient could be the link to unlocking your potential, it can be the difference between mediocracy and success, disengagement and satisfaction, feeling stressed and thriving.

At Kona Coaching, our unique resilience model focuses on three outcomes: Strong, sustainable, success.

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Resilience Advantage Model (overview)



At times it appears that some people are naturally resilient and they always seem to ‘bounce forward’ in challenging times. To some extent, this is an accurate observation. We all have our own resilience levels, for some of us that’s naturally high, and for others our resilience levels are lower.

But here’s the thing; resilience isn’t static.

Even if you feel resilient today, you may not tomorrow. This is because resilience is a mindset, a way of thinking; in part a response system or a reaction to circumstances around us. If we’re currently in a favourable environment (at work and in our personal life) the chances are we’ll be a lot more likely to thrive, and successfully move forward in our lives. If the opposite is true, we may find that coping with challenges is harder than normal, which can at times catch us off guard.

For those that are naturally more resilient, we need to practice our resilience; maintain and grow our resilience muscles if you will. Resilience takes practice and our levels will change depending on circumstances, our health and our mindset. Even if you feel resilient now, there is no harm in developing your resilience skills to put yourself in a position to cope with challenges effectively in the future, before these challenges even arise.

Think of resilience as your mindset muscle.

Just as you would maintain and grow physical muscles in your body, the same applies to our mindset muscles. Learning skills, tools and techniques to enhance your resilience now and in the future helps you to flourish in the future, and puts you in a favourable position when obstacles are thrown your way.

Resilience isn’t only about coping and dealing with challenges. Enhancing your resilience also boosts performance, so even if your resilience levels are relatively high already, there is always room for improvements when it comes to enhancing your performance.

Resilience is no doubt a mindset – a way of thinking and processing information, which leads to us behaving in a certain way and feeling specific emotions. In order to achieve the most from learning how to enhance your personal resilience, it’s imperative that you work with a trained psychologist to ensure you’re working with a professional who will help you achieve tangible and sustainable results.



We work with people to boost their resilience in all kinds of ways, whether that be helping individuals boost resilience in their personal lives, partnering with organisations to build resilient businesses or helping those in the sporting arena hone their mindset to boost performance.

There’s more than one way to slice an apple. We’ve created a whole host of resources you can access in order to boost your own resilience. You might be a training, coaching, article or video person – either way we’ve got it covered.

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