‘Your success and happiness are in your control. You just need the tools to create it.’

Why is it some people create success in life, and others don’t?

How do some people achieve happiness – even in adverse situations? And yet some of us struggle to be happy on a fairly ‘normal day’. How do some people consistently perform at their peak, whilst some of us struggle to even understand what our potential is? We’re all hardwired differently, but there is no doubt that much of how we view and experience the world is down to how we think and process information. It’s all to do with our personal mindset, and more specifically our personal resilience levels.

Resilience is a mindset, a way of life.

Developing your personal resilience will not only help you to deal with the challenges that life throws at you, but honing your resilience skills will enable you to view these trials and tribulations as an excuse to learn and grow, and ultimately thrive in your future.

A common misconception is only those who are not coping well with challenges need to develop their resilience. This is only half of the story. Yes, being resilient helps you to deal with difficult situations, reducing the psychological impact these circumstances have on you and your life. But there’s so much more to it. Boosting your resilience helps you to thrive, perform better, achieve more and reach your potential.

Focusing on two ends of the resilience scale will enable you to create your Resilience Edge™.

We’ll help you to deal with challenges like a pro at one end of the scale, and we’ll help you to reach your potential at the other end. Our innovative Resilience Edge™ model is based on extensive psychological research and has been created so normal people like you and us can apply the principles in everyday life to create real, tangible results.

You’ll have outcomes you want to see when creating your Resilience Edge™ and these will be personal to you. You may want to boost your performance at work or in your sporting endeavours, you may want to enhance your psychological wellbeing and reduce stress. Maybe you want to get a clear direction in life to confidently deal with challenges. We’ll help you define your individual goals, and whatever they may be you can be sure we’ll support and guide you to reach our signature outcomes: strong, sustainable success.

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Resilience Advantage Model (overview)


Creating Success In Your Career

In the changeable, pressurised world of work we find ourselves in today, there has never been a greater need to develop a resilient mindset. Whether you’re an employee, entrepreneur, freelancer or CEO, there is no doubt you’ll be dealing with the pressures of performing at your peak, juggling your personal life and work, managing corporate politics and expectations, and managing the challenges that come with just getting the work done.

Adopting a resilient mindset at work helps you to deal with pressurised, changeable and potentially stressful situations effectively. Being resilient will help you focus on improving your personal performance and reaching your potential at work. You’ll have the ability to create rich and meaningful relationships with colleagues and clients, creating a better working life for you.

Building Strong Relationships

In all areas of your life, relationships matter. It’s part of our psychological make-up as humans, we’re social beings and to some extent relationships will be important to all of us. Some of us very much thrive on being around others, and some of us less so, but no matter who you are, the ability to foster meaningful relationships (whether that be many or a few relationships) will help you to feel connected and happier in your life.

The thing about relationships is they can be tricky. Learning to be resilient, seeing situations from another perspective and creating your ‘support team’ will help you to build relationships that make you feel happy and supported. Mastering a resilient mindset will positively impact relationships in your personal life and your working life.

Enhancing Sports Performance

Do you want to achieve more with your sport? Is there a goal you’re trying to achieve, but your mind gets in the way and holds you back? Creating your Resilience Edge™ will help you to hone your performance mindset and deal with obstacles that stand in your way.

If you’re feeling physically in shape in your sporting life, but there’s something else holding you back, the chances are it’s a psychology issue – your mindset needs some work. If you want to perform better, break down barriers, grow your confidence and build your psychological stamina, your resilience mindset could be the missing link in achieving your goals.

Managing Stress & Dealing With Pressure

There are challenges that occur for all of us that have the potential to cause a stressful or anxious state. What’s the difference between coping well with these challenges and feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope? Your resilience mindset.

Some of us deal with challenges better than others. Some circumstances will throw us off-course one week, and not the next. Why is this? Partly it’s to do with individual differences – we’re all unique. Partly it’s to do with circumstance, if you’ve got more on your plate than normal, the smallest thing may tip the balance and make a small challenge feel overwhelming. There is one consistent factor that can help – personal resilience.

There is a huge body of research that shows being adaptable in how you process information, managing your energy and focus effectively and playing to your strengths will lead to a reduction of stress and anxiety. That’s your Resilience Edge™.

Thriving In Times Of Change

One thing we know for sure is we will all face change in our lives at one time or another. Sometimes this change is exciting and positive, and other times changes that occur are out of our control and challenging. Life is unpredictable and building your resilience will help you to thrive during all kinds of changeable circumstances.

There are processes and procedures that can help you to endure unwelcome change in your life, but without understanding the psychology of change, the chances of you thriving during this period and creating your happiness are slim. Creating your Resilience Edge™ and playing with your perspective will help you to be adaptable and confident during times of change, encouraging you to create a positive outcome.


We all learn in different ways, and building your resilience isn’t as simple as taking a course and understanding the skills required to enhance your psychological resilience. Boosting your resilience takes practice, persistence and work. You’re changing your mindset, which can take time to develop. It’s because of this transformational mindset work that we recommend you always work with an expert psychologist when tackling your own resilience levels.

The real key to creating your Resilience Edge™ is taking a step-by-step approach.

Firstly you need to understand the six pillars of resilience, and where your personal resilience levels fit within these pillars. Your resilience reserves can go up and down depending on your circumstances, but we’ll help you find a base level so you know where you’re starting from.

Next up, you need to learn the steps required to enhance your resilience levels. We’ll teach you tools, techniques and methods that will help you to boost your resilience levels in all six areas of the Resilience Edge™ framework.

Finally, you’ll have to put your resilience boosting strategy into practice in the real world.

Understanding resilience is one thing, but if you want to make transformative changes in your life, you need to practically apply what you’ve learnt in real-life, challenging situations.  You’ll also have to assess how you deal with challenges and whether you’re turning these circumstances into opportunities to thrive in real time – which we’ll support you with.

This final step is where the magic happens.

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