How to be happy at work…

According to Forbes 52% of Americans are unhappy at work.  Gallup found that less than 32% of US workers were engaged with their jobs in 2014, and The Guardian tells us that happy employees perform better. Is there a way to be happy at work?

Whatever way you cut research into happiness at work, we know there are a significant amount of people aren’t happy at work, and those that are happy at work perform better and report higher levels of personal wellbeing.  So the really important question is how can we be happier in our working lives?

This has been the big question we’ve been working on answering at Kona Coaching for a while now.  We’ve conducted a huge amount of research into what makes us happy at work and this is what we’ve found:

  • You need to be clear about where you’re going and how you will get there – you need a personal career roadmap
  • Play to your strengths, as the more you use your unique strengths the more likely you are to be doing work you enjoy
  • Understand your personal values and align these with your work which will make you more likely to find your work fulfilling
  • Work with your passion(s) and your day is a lot more likely to flow by and you are far more likely to report being happy at work
  • Find purpose in your work as those who report feeling they are working towards something bigger than their own agenda are more likely to be motivated to progress with their career
  • Focus on building resilience, helping you to learn the skills to bounce forward after hitting a bump in the road
  • Learn to deal with road blocks, which occur for us all at one time or another, as learning to successfully deal with these will keep you moving forward
  • Create a sustainable way of working that fits with what you want from your career, and build in periodic personal reviews of your working life to measure your happiness at work

Can you learn how to be happy at work? Creating happiness at work is something we’re passionate about at Kona Coaching, and it’s one of the main components of the Resilience Edge™ programme.


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