‘A resilient business is a successful business.’

Imagine an organisation made up of people that adapt well in dynamic and changeable environments, where employees cope with challenges effectively and use obstacles as a catalyst to learn and get better at what they do. Imagine a business that thrives on a high performing culture, where employees want to continuously improve their performance to achieve more. Imagine a company that supports and encourages it’s leaders to flourish in challenging and pressurised environments, and to create the leaders of the future within their teams. Corporate resilience.

Welcome to a resilient organisation.

Building corporate resilience has been described as the missing link in creating success in an organisation. Helping people within a business to hone their resilience mindset will improve employee health and wellbeing, engagement, productivity and performance.

Resilient leaders are exceptional leaders. They have the ability to lead expertly their teams in times of change and in pressurised environments, creating tangible results for the business. Leading can be challenging at times, and mastering a resilient mindset helps leaders deal with the unique pressures they face by adopting a confident and flexible approach.

A resilient team are much more likely to reach their potential.

Enhancing psychological resilience will enable sales and business development teams to effectively deal with challenges and knock-backs, and use these experiences as a catalyst to enhance future performance. Customer service professionals will have the psychological flexibility required to shift their perspective and provide exceptional customer service in challenging situations. Teams will work more cohesively, focusing on solving problems and continually improving their personal and collective performance.

If you want to create business success, can you afford not to build a resilient workforce?

At Kona Coaching we focus on creating tangible and measurable outcomes for the individual and business. In whichever way we partner with organisations, we focus on three factors: strong, sustainable success.

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Resilience Advantage Model (overview)

Corporate Resilience



Pressure can be the catalyst for performing at our peak, boosting performance and achieving goals and targets. At times however, the balance can tip more towards creating psychological stress rather than healthy pressure, and it’s at this point our performance at work, our health and wellbeing and our relationships will be affected.

The key is to firstly understand your personal pressures, the challenges you face and the obstacles you come across, both within your professional and your personal life, before moving on to tackling the challenge of enhancing your personal resilience levels. Mastering how you mentally process these situations, and changing your perspective to serve you better will encourage you to use these experiences as a catalyst to thrive and drive forward.


Some of us thrive in a changeable environment, and for others we dread change and find an unstable environment exhausting. In today’s employment market, we’d be hard pressed to find an organisation or industry that isn’t changing in some way. Now more than ever, it’s important for us to equip ourselves and our teams with the skills and tools to navigate our way successfully through times of change.

Increasing your resilience levels in times of change enables you to flex your adaptability skills and switch your perspective to achieve the best from each situation you find yourself in. Finding the confidence to deal with challenges, and the acceptance to effectively cope with obstacles will help you to succeed in reaching your goals at work, no matter what kind of change is going on around you.


As a leader in an organisation or a team, at times the pressure can be intense. Often when we step into a leadership role we focus on honing the practical skills it takes to be a successful leader, but we neglect to grow our leadership mindset. For those that lead teams and individuals, you’ll understand the balancing act between being responsible for creating and executing a strategy, and supporting and guiding others to achieve team and individual goals.

A resilient leader is likely to deal with challenges effectively, have the ability to energise and motivate their team and the foresight to make strategic decisions that will enhance their business. Leaders are faced with unique challenges, sometimes difficult decisions and potentially stressful situations, that if approached with a resilient mindset and dealt with effectively, can optimise their own success and enhance their team’s performance. Resilient leaders are in a key position to make an impact in their role, drive their business forward successfully and develop a resilient and high-performing team.

Whether you’re an experienced or new leader, developing your leadership mindset is crucial in creating your leadership stamina. Leadership in itself is a skill, and exceptional leadership is supported by all six of the Resilience Edge™ facets: confidence, adaptability, positivity, perspective, mastery and stamina.


What’s the one key characteristic that sets successful sales professionals aside from the competition? Resilience. Or more accurately a Resilience Edge™.

The world of sales can be exciting, energised and rewarding, and at times challenging and stressful. In a world of targets, goals, celebrated success and competitiveness, it can be hard to stay on-track when things aren’t going to plan, or when you feel you’ve been knocked off-course.

Resilient sales teams not only perform better and meet or exceed their sales targets, they also respond positively to challenges and keep moving forward despite being faced with difficult situations and challenges day to day. The sales environment isn’t changing – there will always be unique challenges to deal with. What you can change is how you respond to these situations, and a resilient mindset enables sales teams to flourish in the face of adverse circumstances.

Research tells us that a more resilient sales team is a more productive team. In a pressurised, results-driven employment market, a resilient mindset is your missing link in creating long-term success in a sales role. Crucially, your resilience is the difference between mediocrity and success.


A resilient team are a cohesive unit that work well together, achieve targets and collectively perform to a high standard. Not only is a resilient team a high-performing team, but a resilient mindset also improves overall wellbeing and creativity, and reduces stress and anxiety.

Resilient teams are made up of people with an adaptable and flexible mindset, those who are able to respond to challenges effectively and turn difficult situations into opportunities to thrive. Not only are resilient teams more likely to succeed and perform better, they’re more likely to be healthy physically and mentally. Their immunity levels will be higher, which means less absenteeism due to illness (including stress), higher motivation and increased satisfaction with their working life.

The secrets to boosting your personal resilience lie with focusing on creating a strong, flexible mindset, and building sustainable resilience for the long-term. Not only will boosting your personal resilience encourage you to thrive at work, the skills you learn will positively impact other areas of your life too.


Our training and coaching programmes are designed to make a big impact and create tangible, measurable and sustainable results for the business and the individual. We’ll work with you to define your organisational and individual outcome requirements, and we’ll design a bespoke corporate resilience programme for your organisation.

Our consultants will define how we will measure the impact of our programmes right at the start of the design process – so you’ll be clear on the results you’ll see and the impact that will be made in the business.

No matter what positive outcomes you want to create from enhancing corporate resilience, our team of psychologists will design the right programme for your organisation. It may be a long-term training or coaching programme, or a one-off awareness course – either way it will be the right fit for your business.

We deliver our programmes in various ways. You may prefer traditional face-to-face learning experiences, one-to-one coaching, online bite-sized modules or a blended learning approach. Either way, we’ve got it covered, and we pride ourselves on our innovative approach to helping individuals learn and develop to create real results.

Creating Resilient Leaders

Working with new and experienced leaders to take their success from a practical leadership level to an enhanced transformational leadership standard, focusing on creating a leadership mindset, and leadership mastery and stamina. Not only are leaders responsible for their own success, but the success of the organisation they’re part of. Enhancing resilience will encourage leaders to drive forward, deal with pressures and create resilient and thriving teams. This population can benefit from group training, one-to-one coaching and team workshops.

Building Resilient Sales Teams

Sales and business development professionals consistently rely on their personal resilience resources day after day. If resilience reserves start to run low, or if they find themselves in particularly challenging situations, the ability to hone their resilience mindset will be the difference between success and reaching breaking point. We work with sales professionals in a group training environment and on a one-to-one basis.

Enhancing Team Resilience & Wellbeing

In the changeable, pressurised and constantly developing employment market we’re in today, a focus on team and individual resilience and wellbeing is crucial in building a strong, healthy and happy workforce. Enhancing resilience can increase employee satisfaction and engagement, reduce sickness absence and turnover, boost personal wellbeing, reduce stress and enhance performance. We work with individuals to enhance their personal resilience levels in a group and one-to-one capacity.

Corporate Resilience Consulting

Sometimes you have the spark of an idea, or you know what you want to achieve, but you need expert support to reach corporate goals. Our resilience psychologists will work with you to create and embed a resilient culture in your organisation, focusing on tangible outcomes for the business and individual.

Find out how you can boost corporate resilience in your organisation…

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